Seminars and Events

Data Club 2014-2015

What is it? Informal 30 minute presentations by Ph.D. students and post-docs, 15 minute presentations for lab rotations. Discuss recent results or publications, planned studies, talks planned for meetings.
Why? Encourage interaction and gain experience giving short talks. Dates of required attendance for graded PHIS 695 Research in Progress course are indicated.
When? 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Where? Sanger 3-016
Date2014-2015 Speakers  -  Starting time 3:00 pm

August 25

(PHIS 695)

Summer Rotation:  Siva Teja Devarakonda (MD/PhD student)

Mi Cheong Cheong (Postdoc - Avery)

September 8

(PHIS 695)

Vishaka Santosh (Escalante)

Laura O'Brien (Bennett)

September 22

(PHIS 695)

Tuoxin Cao (Ramsey)

October 13

(PHIS 695)

Reem Alkahtani (Karnam)

Jiao Yang (Postdoc - Liu)

October 27

(PHIS 695)

Sung Park  (Baumgarten)

Junghoon Ha  (Logothetis)

November 10

(PHIS 695)

Tyler Steele  (De Felice)

Weihua Gao  (Postdoc - Liu/Zhou)

November 24

(PHIS 695)

Jason Younkin  (Logothetis)

Candice Hatcher (Logothetis)

December 8 


Vanessa Cabra Ledesma (Postdoc - Samso)

Gareth Jennings (Postdoc - Hackett)

December 15 

(3rd Monday)

Takeharu Kawano  (Postdoc - Logothetis)

January 12

(PHIS 695)

Fall RotationsAshley Bennett (Ramsey) & Tyler Hendon (Hackett)

Adam Blakeney (Heise)

January 26

(PHIS 695)

Yu Xu  (Postdoc - Tseng)

Iwona Ruchala  (De Felice)

February 9

(PHIS 695)

Biophysical Society Meeting

February 23

(PHIS 695)

Michael Davis  (Rubin)

Ancy Nalli  (Karnam)

March 9


Spring Break

March 23

(PHIS 695)

Vinaykumar Idikuda  (Zhou)

Christopher B. Waite  (Zhou)

April 13

(PHIS 695)

Guoxing Xiang  (Logothetis)

Amr Ellaithy  (Logothetis)

April 27

(PHIS 695)

Spring Rotations: TBD

May 11


Hongtao Li  (Postdoc - Liu)

Miao Liu (Postdoc - Qiao)

May 25


Memorial Day

May 26 

(3rd Tuesday)

Ernesto Solis (Postdoc - De Felice)

Lisa Shock (Postdoc - Hackett)

June 8

Jie Qian (Postdoc - Lyall)

Derek Kendig (Postdoc - Grider)

June 22


Junhao Huang (Postdoc - Ramsey)