Seminars and Events

Data Club 2009-2010

What is it? Informal 30 minute presentations by Ph.D. students and post-docs. Discuss recent results or publications, planned studies, talks planned for meetings.
Why? Encourage interaction and gain experience giving short talks.
When? 2nd and 4th Monday of each month from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Where? Sanger 3-016
Date2009-2010 Speakers
August 24

Summer Rotations: Ahmad Mousa, Sayak Bhattacharya, Pooja Desai, Carissa Strane     

September 1 (Tuesday)

New Student Welcome: Presentations by Research Active Faculty
September 14 Aaron Randolph - Ramsey
Stephen Bakos - R. Costanzo
September 28

Nikita Mishra – Walsh
Rahul Mahajan – Logothetis

October 12 Othman Al-Shboul – Karnam
William Nugent – Pittman
October 26 Qiong-Yao Tang (Postdoctortal) - Logothetis
Nikita Mishra - Scott Walsh
November 9 Sherry Pinkstaff – Arena
November 23 Zhe Zhang (Postdoctoral) – Logothetis
Aldo Rodriguez-Menchaca (Postdoctoral) – Logothetis
December 14 Gabriela Andrade – Torres Filho
Rahul Jaiswal – Escalante
January 11 Staphania Averiamo (Postdoctoral) – De Felice
Shobana Subdaram (Instructor) – Logothetis
January 25 Fall Rotations: Hema Aluri, Mohammed Al-Qudah, Maria Villamil-Jarauta, Crystal West
February 8 Michael Connery – Pittman
yuhong Wang (Postdoctoral) – Tseng
February 22 Bjorn Song – Pittman
Amit Varma - Kukreja
March 8 Scott Adney – Logothetis
Bo Liu (Postdoctoral) – Cui
March 22 Wu Deng (Postdoctoral) – Logothetis
Charles Anderson – Grider
April 12 Zhanna Vysotskaya (Postdoctoral) – Zhou
Andrew Yannacone – Pittman
April 26

Ernesto Solis (PhD) – DeFelice
Xin-Ping Xu (Postdoctoral) – Liu

May 10 Luciana Torres (Postdoctoral) – Pittman
Farzana Marni (Postdoctoral) – Zhou
May 24 Spring Rotations: Hema Aluri, Mohammed Al-Qudah, Maria Villamil-Jarauta, Crystal West
June 1 (Tuesday) Thesis Proposal Presentations: Sayak Bhattacharya, Pooja Desai
June 14 Thesis Proposal Presentations: Ahmad Mousa, Carissa Strane