Seminars and Events

Fall 2009 Seminar Series

Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. (unless otherwise noted)
Sanger Hall, Room 2-020

August 26

Ying Zhang, Ph.D., Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory,The Salk Institute for Biological Study (Host: Dr. louis De Felice) 
Title: Genetic Dissection of Locomotor Networks in the Mouse Spinal Cord

September 2

Edward J. Lesnefsky, M.D., Division of Cardiology,McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center (Host: Dr.Clive Baumgarten)
Title: Mitochondria and Ischemia-Reperfusion: The Powerhouses Become a Menace

September 9

Deepak Bastia, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyMedical University of South Carolina (Host: Dr. Carlos Escalante)
Title: Mechanism of Termination of Replication

September 16

Olaf Anderson M.D., Department of Physiology and Biophysics, WeillMedical College of Cornell University (Host: Mr. Frank Raucci) 
Title: Lipid Bilayers as Regulators of Membrane Protein Function

September 23 No Seminar – Annual Faculty Excellence Awards Program
September 30

David C. Williams, M.D./Ph.D., Department of Pathology, VCU School of Medicine (Host: Dr. Diomedes Logothetis)
Title: Structural Analysis of a Methyl Cytosine-binding Protein Complex that Regulates Expression of Fetal/Embryonic Globin Genes

October 7

Helen Treloar, Ph.D., Department of Neurosurgery, Yale University School of Medicine (Host: Dr. Richard Costanzo)
Title: Mechanisms of Axon Targeting in the Developing Olfactory System

October 14


Elizabeth A. Craig, Ph.D., Department of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin (Host: Dr. Qinglian Liu)
Title: J-proteins/Hsp70s: Versatile Molecular Chaperone Machines

October 21

Fourteenth Annual Ramsey Lecture

Charles Antzelevitch, Ph.D., Department of Pharmacology, Masonic Medical Research Laboratory (Host: Dr. Gea-Ny Tseng)
Title:  Functional Characterization of Genetic Defects Associated with Inherited Cardiac Arrhythmia Syndromes: Long QT, Short QT, and J Wave Syndromes

October 28

David Armstrong, Ph.D., Laboratory of Neurobiology, NIIEHS, Research Triangle Park, NC (Host: Dr. Diomedes Logothetis)
Title: Phosphorylopathies: Aberrant Phosphorylation of Ion Channel Proteins and its Consequences for Human Health

November 4 David Poole, Ph.D., Departments of Kinesiology, Anatomy and PhysiologyKansas State University (Host: Dr. Roland Pittman)
Title: Matching Muscle oxygen Delivery to Demand in Health and Disease
November 11

Harel Weinstein, Ph.D., Department of Physiology and Biophysics, WeillMedical College of Cornell University (Host: Dr. Diomedes Logothetis)
Title:  Multiscale Computational Biology Connects Molecular Structure to Cell Physiology

November 18 Thomas Finger, Ph.D., Department of Cell & Development Biology School of Medicine University of Colorado, Denver (Host: Dr. Vijay Lyall)
Title:  Solitary Chemosensory Cells: An Ancient Vertebrate Chemosense

Guarding the Airways in Extant Mammals

November 25 No Seminar - Thanksgiving Holiday
December 2

Gail Robertson, Ph.D., Department of PhysiologyUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine (Host: Dr. Lei Zhou)
Title: The Role of hERG Subunit Composition in Cardiac Repolarization and Arrhythmia