Spring 2019 Seminar Series

Thursdays at 4:00 P.M., Sanger Hall, Room 3-016 (except as noted)


January 17

Unsong Oh, MD, Department of Neurology, School of Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth University
Title: "Multiple Sclerosis: Inflammation and Neurodegeneration"
(Host: Dr. Clive Baumgarten)

January 24

Ashton Cropp, Ph.D, Department of Chemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University
Title:"An Expanded Genetic Code to Study Protein Post-translational Modifications"
(Host: Dr. I. Scott Ramsey)

February 7 

Chang Lu, Ph.D., Department of Chemical Engineering, Virginia Tech University
Title:“Epigenomic Profiling with Ultralow-input Microfluidic Assays: Technology, Biology and Medicine”
(Host: Dr. Javier Gonzalez-Maeso)

February 14  
Justus Anumonwo, Ph.D., Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology, University of Michigan
Title:"SAP97: A MAGUK Protein for Synchronizing Sinus Node "Pacemaker Clocks"
(Host: Gea-Ny Tseng)
February 21

Wen Jiang, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Purdue University
(Host: Montserrat Samso)

February 28
Donald Bers, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmacology, UC-Davis

Ramsey Lecture Title: “Calmodulin and CaMKII Signaling in Heart Failure and Arrhythmias”
(Host: Gea-Ny Tseng)
March 14
Zheng Jiang, Johns Hopkins University
Title: “Cyclic-Nucleotide- and HCN-Channel-Mediated Photo-transduction in Intrinsically Photosensitive                              Retinal Ganglion Cells”
(Host: Lei Zhou)
March 20

Dr. Eva Nogales, Ph.D., Department of Molecular and Cell biology, UC-Berkeley
Dean’s Lecture Series Title: “Getting Together at the Core Promoter: TFIID and Its General Transcription Factor Friends”
(Host: Montserrat Samso) 

March 28 

Sydney Negus, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Virginia Commonwealth

(Host: Jose Eltit)

April 4 


April 11


April 18


April 25

Yuxing Chen, University of Science and Technology of China
(Host: Qinglian Liu)