Channels and Transporters


EMBO/FEBS Lecture Course on Channels and Transporters

About the course: May 11-17, 2011

The International School of Biophysics in Erice, Sicily has hosted “Channels and Transporters” three times since 2002. The intention of this course is to bring together experts in transporter physiology, ion channel biophysics, and structural biology to teach and discuss the structure and function of channels and transporters. Lectures include didactic presentations on the fundamentals of ion channels and primary and secondary transporters, as well as practical information on patch clamp, biochemical assays, protein purification, X-ray crystallography, molecular dynamics, drug interactions with transporters and channels, amperometry, and fluorescence microscopy. Finally, leading experts present channels and transporters in light of human disease. Lectures are one hour, plus 15 minutes for discussion. Many ad hoc interactions occur between students and lecturers. The small town of Erice has a relaxed atmosphere, and one full day is devoted to an excursion to Greek ruins on the south of the island. The course covers basic physiology and biophysics as well as cutting-edge research topics, and students have the opportunity to present their own data in both oral presentations and poster sessions.

The cost of the course is 100 euros/day, which includes all fees, room, and board. The minimum registration is for 7 days. We are now accepting applications.