M.D./Ph.D. Program

Admission requirements for the M.D./Ph.D. Program in Physiology and Biophysics

Combined Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Program

The M.D./Ph.D. candidate usually fulfills the same requirements as the PhD candidate. However, many of those requirements are met via the medical curriculum. MD/PhD candidates typically take the first two years of medical school during which the requirements for Mammalian Physiology and Biochemistry are satisfied if the student’s rank is in the top two-thirds of their medical school class in these two courses and if they are ranked in the top half of their medical class in overall performance. In the third year the student registers for graduate school and spends the next two to three years completing the PhD requirements. Following completion of the PhD course requirements and defense of the research dissertation, the student enters the third year in the medical curriculum, the year of clinical rotations.

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