Course Offerings

The Department of Physiology and Biophysics offers a wide range of courses serving students in the graduate school, medical school, dental school and the pharmacy school. To ensure that its course offerings are of highest quality and appropriate rigor, the department regularly evaluates all courses and has three standing educational committees.

Short descriptions of the Departmental course offerings can be found in the Graduate Bulletin.

In order to obtain an override for a course, you MUST contact the course director (listed for each course below). The administrative staff cannot obtain or process overrides without the course director's approval. Typically, the course director will ask you to attend the first day of class to obtain the override approval. If you have any questions or problems after the approval has been given by the course director, you can contact Christina Kyrus at or 628-5506.

CourseTitleCourse Director
PHIS 206/BIOL 206 Human Physiology Steven Price, Ph.D.
PHIZ 206L/BIOL 206L Human Physiology Laboratory Carlos Villalba-Gallea, Ph.D.
Ramzi Ockaili, Ph.D.
PHIS 309 Introductory Quantitative Physiology I Joseph Feher, Ph.D.
PHIS 310 Introductory Quantitative Physiology II Joseph Feher, Ph.D.
PHIS 501 Mammalian Physiology Joseph Feher , Ph.D.
Richard Costanzo, Ph.D.
PHIS 502 Physiology and Pathophysiology (Dentistry) Margaret Biber, Ph.D.
PHIS 512 Diseases of the Heart Fahdi Salloum, Ph.D.
Diomedes Logothetis, Ph.D.
PHIS 604 From Molecules to Organisms II Margaret Biber, Ph.D.
Diomedes Logothetis, Ph.D.
PHIS 606 From Molecules to Organisms I Carlos Escalante, Ph.D.
Diomedes Logothetis, Ph.D.
PHIS 612 Cardiovascular Physiology Gea-Ny Tseng, Ph.D.
PHIS 615 Signal Detection in Sensory Systems Vijay Lyall, Ph.D.
PHIS 617 Cellular Signaling S. Murthy Karnam, Ph.D.
PHIS 619-001 Mitochondrial Pathophysiology and Human Disease James P. Bennett, M.D., Ph.D.
PHIS 620/ PHTX 620 Ion Channels in Membranes I. Scott Ramsey, Ph.D.
PHIS 630-606 Methods in Molecular Biophysics Carlos Escalante, Ph.D.
PHIS 690 Physiology Research Seminar Lei Zhou, Ph.D.
PHIS 691-003 Physiology and Pharmacology in the Gastrointestinal System

John Grider , Ph.D.
S. Murthy Karnam, Ph.D.
Hamid I. Akbarali, Ph.D.

PHIS 692-004 Physiologogy Writing Workshop Diomedes Logothetis, Ph.D.
PHIS 691-501 Special Topics in Physiology Qinglian Liu, Ph.D.
PHIS 691-604 Special Topics in Physiology Liya Qiao, Ph.D.
PHIS 692-002 Introduction to Electrophysiology and Photonics Carlos Villalba-Galea, Ph.D.
Louis De Felice, Ph.D.
PHIS 695-001 Research in Progress Clive Baumgarten, Ph.D.
PHIS 697 Directed Research in Physiology Diomedes Logothetis, Ph.D.
MEDI 117 Physiology Clive Baumgarten, Ph.D.